Monday, August 18, 2014


As with the inconjuncts, Yods contain energy that needs Spiritual connection to master.  The following definitions/explanations are from my teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green:

The meaning, definition of, the inconjunct is to realign your sense of personal identity or ego with a higher will called God, and until you do so you have a crisis equaling the inability to manifest what you sense is a possibility or purpose for your life. 

The nature of an inconjunct is to teach humility at an egocentric level. The way it teaches the humility is to experience a sense of powerlessness or a core sense of inferiority in which you don’t feel you’re quite ready or good enough to do what your higher mind is suggesting what you can do, and until the conscious linkage is made with a higher power – we can call that God – you are blocked. 

The Virgo inconjunct (150 degrees) creates a feeling of inferiority. It can equal the archetype of masochism, leading to the sacrificing of one’s own ego to a larger whole. A larger whole can even mean a person’s needs. 

The Scorpio inconjunct (210 degrees) – you’ve already had the sense of inner power. You already know you can do it, but where the adjustment occurs, where the humility occurs, is that social circumstances will conspire in such a way as to block you until you make this linkage, until you learn to listen to that social sphere in such a way as how to integrate it on THEIR terms, not yours. 

The Yod has both aspects, so you’re just magnifying the archetype. That’s why in old-time astrology it was called the Finger of God.  It is essentially an archetype of purification relative to two dynamics within the Soul, one of which is egocentric identification with power--ego power--versus the power of God manifesting thru the ego. The other is purification of an ego that does not feel itself ready to do what the Soul, via the inner direction of God, is asking it to do.