Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Aquarius 2016 Cycle

Aquarius 2016 Cycle

February 8th
9:39 PM
19º16’ Aquarius

February 22nd
1:20 PM
03º34’ Virgo

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn

Enters Shadow 
December 19th 
6:37 PM 
14º55’ Capricorn 

Stations Retrograde
January 5th 
8:06 AM 
01º03’ Aquarius 

Stations Direct
January 25th
4:50 PM 
14º55’ Capricorn

Leaves Shadow 
February 14th
1:42 PM 
01º03’ Aquarius

Mars Retrograde in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Enters Shadow
February 17th
10:18 PM
23º03’ Scorpio

Stations Retrograde
April 17th
8:13 AM
08º52’ Sagittarius

Stations Direct
June 29th
7:38 PM
23º03 Scorpio

Leaves Shadow
August 22nd
9:57 AM
08º54’ Sagittarius

“Even a stone, and more easily a flower or a bird, could show you the way back to God, to the Source, to yourself. When you look at it or hold it & let it be without imposing a word of mental label on it, a sense of awe, of wonder, arises within you. Its essence silently communicates itself to you and reflects your own essence back to you.”
Eckhart Tolle

This cycle compares to getting to that great part in a book when the plot really starts to unfold.  Confusions begin to clear and the ‘new’ information coming in, while not 100% clear is certainly more so.  [Mercury, completing its retrograde cycle is trine the Jupiter/North Node conjunction and Venus is following right behind.]  

This Aquarius Cycle begins on Chinese New Year, entering the year of the Red Fire Monkey.  We’ve been preparing for this start of 2016 throughout the Capricorn Cycle.    The energy of this cycle [Aquarius/Uranus] throws off the conditioned past, especially in areas that have become limiting and/or stagnant.  The challenge throughout the transformational time [we’ve been working actively with since 2012 with the Uranus/Pluto square] has been recognizing those limitations and realizing they generate from within us.  Our understanding and ability to move forward will  increase this cycle.  Remembering the importance of conscious focus, we take our time, doing each task and each interaction in a state of presence.    

The chart indicates inner strength and power increase by taking actions that really make a difference.  What triggers guilt, fear or dread or is something easily forgotten but known to be important. This cycle asks that we allow these to come forward to be with and address in some way.  As the connected actions are taken and the fears faced, they dissolve.  There is very active healing this cycle.  [Mars waning trine Chiron.  This will also be part of the upcoming Mars retrograde.]   To access the healing we gently turn towards those shadows, releasing our defenses towards situations and others.  Intimate/employer relations are still strongly activated.  [Juno and Mars are in a new phase in Scorpio.  Both will retrograde in that sign.  New phases are dark.]  The future is not formed in these relationships so memories hold only the past. 

In the movie Dune, the hero was taught “Fear is the mind killer”.  If fear blocked him he was unable to access the power of his gifts and was open to pain.  From another angle for this cycle, guilt is the Soul sucker, clouding our perceptions and keeping blocked from seeing the full potential of what we are experiencing.  Guilt uses shame, judgment and belief in punishment, casting a dullness around experiences that can generate hopelessness, depression and even paranoia.  For those who've read Harry Potter, guilt has Dementor qualities. 

As a collective, most are conditioned that God judges and punishes.  We cannot completely connect if part of us is fearful of sin and punishment.  There is a distinct difference between trying to be a good person (coming from fear of punishment) and being a good person (self-actualized).  This cycle we can take corrective actions toward those things that harbor our shadows.  Turn to them, question them, take one step and then another.  What surfaces?  If it is a dark thought towards ourselves or others, or if we lack the trust we will be supported, that is where the new information is trying to enter.  An opening is surfacing and healing will happen.  

Even though things will move this cycle, the how we accomplish is more important than the what we accomplish.  If we push through discomfort and bury it again after a pat on the back, have we really succeeded?  

We are learning to create from a connected state.  We cannot create anew through the old filters. 

This is an adventure!  We’ve been working towards this and the time is here.  While crossing the bridge from the past to the future, take actions toward creating.  At the same time, keep alert to subtle sensations and nudges, process emotions and tackle completions.   An important process will begin [as Mars enters its shadow] the night of February 17th.  By that date, what we are working on will be entering a time of refinement regarding our actions and desires.  There is a prolonged completion through the end of August.  [Mars leaves its shadow August 22nd and then conjuncts Saturn beginning a new reality cycle on August 24th.

This cycle gives some new pieces of information to work with and integrate along with what we are completing.  Things are moving forward now, but the next cycle is an eclipse [in Pisces] that will be shifting the energies.  The astrological New Year [Aries Cycle] will have retrogrades [Mars and Mercury].   This is a gift to know ahead.  When our monkeys jump up and down and yell “woo hoo”, we can pat them on their little heads, knowing that the gold in this mine runs much deeper.  

The Full Moon expands our vision of what’s possible.  The chart asks we contribute our talents to the good of all and stay flexible in our intimate/employer relationships.  Be willing to bend.  Stay kind and helpful, focused on improvements instead of criticism (inner or outer).  There may be a tendency to scatter energies, talk mindlessly or gossip.  Higher information is accessed through emotional intelligence and processing.  The highest road this Full Moon is to practice true listening.  Allowing another to be exactly as they are, without judgment or resistance, with an open heart will reflect to them their true selves.  Relating from the God in ourselves reflects and calls forth the God in others.  Our ability to nurture and bring forth miracles is the gift of this Full Moon.  [Ceres is new phase to Neptune and waning trine the AS]

Work consciously and creatively with the transcendent forces around us.  As we actualize what we have become in the fullest manner, we will find ourselves in the place we are most needed to effectively perform the transformational work we are being guided to do.  Much of what we thought we knew about relationships and relating may be in our way.  Stay tuned!  Well, attuned.

"You can't stay in your corner of the 
Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie the Pooh

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Begins!

Coming in with a distinctively different energy than ever experienced, the Capricorn Cycle commencing next Saturday at 8:31 PM EST will be moving things forward in very powerful ways.  There is information coming in the first month and a half of this year that increases conscious presence if embraced.  That conscious presence dissolves the shackles that remain locked through old fears and resistance.  Noticing resistance is a gift that raises a red flag to what is still asleep or unconscious.  Although new understanding is required, as you work, that understanding opens.

This year is about how things are done.  The more conscious and responsive, loving, helpful and kind you can be is what will move the energy most effectively.  Patience and thoroughness given to each task add to what you are gaining.  

Follow your intuitive promptings.  Use the remaining days to prepare.  Complete what can be done clear the field for the creative potential that is coming in.

Monday, August 18, 2014


As with the inconjuncts, Yods contain energy that needs Spiritual connection to master.  The following definitions/explanations are from my teacher, Jeffrey Wolf Green:

The meaning, definition of, the inconjunct is to realign your sense of personal identity or ego with a higher will called God, and until you do so you have a crisis equaling the inability to manifest what you sense is a possibility or purpose for your life. 

The nature of an inconjunct is to teach humility at an egocentric level. The way it teaches the humility is to experience a sense of powerlessness or a core sense of inferiority in which you don’t feel you’re quite ready or good enough to do what your higher mind is suggesting what you can do, and until the conscious linkage is made with a higher power – we can call that God – you are blocked. 

The Virgo inconjunct (150 degrees) creates a feeling of inferiority. It can equal the archetype of masochism, leading to the sacrificing of one’s own ego to a larger whole. A larger whole can even mean a person’s needs. 

The Scorpio inconjunct (210 degrees) – you’ve already had the sense of inner power. You already know you can do it, but where the adjustment occurs, where the humility occurs, is that social circumstances will conspire in such a way as to block you until you make this linkage, until you learn to listen to that social sphere in such a way as how to integrate it on THEIR terms, not yours. 

The Yod has both aspects, so you’re just magnifying the archetype. That’s why in old-time astrology it was called the Finger of God.  It is essentially an archetype of purification relative to two dynamics within the Soul, one of which is egocentric identification with power--ego power--versus the power of God manifesting thru the ego. The other is purification of an ego that does not feel itself ready to do what the Soul, via the inner direction of God, is asking it to do.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mind Tools and Vampire Thoughts

As the energies build, it's helpful to have some spiritual focus to get your balance back. What can be easily triggered at this time are something I call Vampire Thoughts.  If anyone has read Salem's Lot by Stephen King, these thoughts work the same way as those vampires -- and can be just as scary and overpowering.  Give the thought any attention (make eye contact) and it has you.  You'll believe it - it will become real for you.  
During times of mental change and acceleration (now), it's important not to engage in old habitual thinking patterns.  Vampire Thoughts are harder because they activate the ego/emotional pain body, increasing the possibility of repeating the past and/or reacting instead of responding. 
Mind Tools give you the ability to work with thoughts and situations that can be difficult or have no immediate resolution.  These, from A Course in Miracles, are my anchor.  Read them carefully for understanding.  Used consciously, they are very effective.  The first is used at any sign of fear.  The second, when working with something you don't know how to.  The third is amazing for situations that are fearful or disturbing and seem to have no resolution.
Once you are aware of an influence, whether an internal thought or an outer event that's triggered something, use one (or all) of these.  Consciously allowing the energy/sensation of the emotion to simply be there, without interpretation or resistance, is a necessary part of using the Mind Tool.  
The ego will tell you how important it is to engage in and think about what's bubbling up or occurring.  This is how you decipher where the thoughts are coming from.  Thoughts from the ego will be painful, triggering fear, discomfort, anger, resentment, etc.  Thoughts from whatever God is - through our higher Mind, will come with a sense of peace and well-being.  Using these Mind Tools will bring you back to peace -- ever so gently. 
I am willing to release the fear.  Please correct my perception.
I do not know what anything means, including this.  Therefore, I don’t know how to respond.  And I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now.  Everything I know I do not want.  I ask to be taught.
Take this from me and look upon it, judging it for me.  Let me not see it as a sign of sin and death or use it as an obstacle to peace, but let You use it for me to facilitate its coming.
After using, consciously change your focus to what's there for you to do in the moment. You've given it over and thinking about it further will block the requested assistance.  This part is not always effortless, but be persistent until you refocus.