Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Begins!

Coming in with a distinctively different energy than ever experienced, the Capricorn Cycle commencing next Saturday at 8:31 PM EST will be moving things forward in very powerful ways.  There is information coming in the first month and a half of this year that increases conscious presence if embraced.  That conscious presence dissolves the shackles that remain locked through old fears and resistance.  Noticing resistance is a gift that raises a red flag to what is still asleep or unconscious.  Although new understanding is required, as you work, that understanding opens.

This year is about how things are done.  The more conscious and responsive, loving, helpful and kind you can be is what will move the energy most effectively.  Patience and thoroughness given to each task add to what you are gaining.  

Follow your intuitive promptings.  Use the remaining days to prepare.  Complete what can be done clear the field for the creative potential that is coming in.